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Forthcoming Summer 2019!

The Charging Bliss Project bring their fourth studio album to Basswave Recordings, this album features a collaboration with Robyn-Astrid who has written the concept, lyrics and performed all of the vocals.

Closer To The Spring (Featured below) has already recieved BBC airplay so we’re really excited by this new release.

This album features a full 80 minute 12 track concept album, with so many different genre’s packed in to just one album The Charging Bliss Project really makes a new musical genre all of it’s own.

With influences from such artists as Moby, Massive Attack, Air, Morcheeba and even snippets of Pink Floyd’s sound, you won’t know what to expect next on this story telling musical journey.

The Charging Bliss Project & Robyn Astrid – Closer To The Spring

BBC Recording 15th September 2018